• After 21 year of good career in world leading Computer Consulting company, I was on the cross roads of whether to do executive management coarse in a premier institute to further enhance and accelerate my career progress or look at some alternative. The biggest problem with executive management courses was that it was one made to fit all kind of module.

    This is when I came across Ms. Vandana Shah, She had great professional career experience in addition to multiple prestigious coaching certifications. Her sessions have had multi-dimensional benefit including enhanced professional effectiveness, overcoming personal dark spots and accelerate the journey to professional goal. Her coaching methods are very effective in reprogramming the mind and overcome mental block. Her professional, well researched and ethical approach to coaching helps get very effective outcome. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to differentiate and get a 360 degree development in professional and personal life.

    Rajat Mehta
    Rajat Mehta NTO and Country Head Global & Direct Business -HP Printing and Personal Systems (PPS)
  • STABILITY, was the word I was looking for, this was a combination of lot of other words which used to sum up my mind and lacking in life. Whether it be personal or career all was just jumbled up.

    It took a lot of time in the 1st session for me to open up my mind but slowly and gradually things changed as Vandana consistently pushed me and gave complete support to open my mind. I had taken the sessions to achieve a desired time set goal in my professional life which had in turn helped me in my personal life. Every new session used to work on a new obstacle which is rather just a word for me now. The only important thing that I have learned is it’s all in the mind, inhibitions our negative thoughts for which we need help of such professionals to help us out.

    THANKS to the sessions and in turn Vandana for helping me out in my Career Transition & achieve my dream goals.

    Sujata Bhanse
  • Vandana is one of the most conscientious individuals I have ever met! She is an amazing student here at Coaching and Leadership International.

    Vandana has achieved her CLI Certified Power Coach® designation in a very short period due to her dedication and commitment to be of great service to humanity. When Vandana coaches you, you can be assured that her heart is totally pure. She simply wishes for you to achieve your best – to reach higher and higher and maximize your strengths to reach your goals. You deserve it.

    Betska K-Burr
    Betska K-Burr Guru Coach, Co-President-Coaching and Leadership International
  • Vandana is known to me as a Professional Coach and have found her coaching sessions very deeply insightful.Though I myself am a Coach, I also needed some coaching sessions for self like everyone does. Vandana Coached me a couple of sessions where she drove me to a level of self exploration to identify my blind spots & dive deeper within myself where I achieved solutions which I couldn’t otherwise. I admire Vandana for her combined skills of simplicity & utmost professionalism brought together by staying grounded as a Coach. Her friendly nature brought comfort for me to open-up & have smooth coaching session.

    Mukund Prasad
    Mukund Prasad Director Group HR, Business Transformation & Group CIO | Welspun Group, Senior Coach
  • Hi Friends,

    It is of great pleasure for me to be part of Chrrysallis family. Coming from creative profession I had always trouble setting goals myself and meeting them on time and planning multiple tasks simultaneously, and at times it used to be like a nightmare to complete them. With Vandana’s coaching sessions I was able to derive result oriented plans for myself, delivering the best with proper planning on regular basis at personal & professional level. Thanks for her guidance in making me realize my inner potential, and today i see myself in a more systematic way than before. Wish her all the best in days to come with Chrrysallis.

    Vinay Bompelli
    Vinay Bompelli Art Director, Spak Communications
  • My Power Coaching sessions has been an incredibly positive experience. The sessions have achieved results in the prescribed time-slots. Many thanks and gratitude to Ms Vandana, for helping to identifying areas of improvement and be an able guide.

    I never really understood why my investment in the equity market never resulted in profits in spite of investing heavily in education too. Was able to fix the flaws and become more organized.

    Also, able to identify and address fears/beliefs that originated from the younger days and obtain positive change.

    Korah Cherusseril
    Korah Cherusseril Programme Director, TechMahindra Ltd
  • I started my Coaching sessions with Vandana for my Business & Goal setting. As we went along the sessions, I realized I was coached on professional front but along with that, my personal life is also benefited in a great way and now I manage my time effectively & have great work life balance.

    Vandana came across as a friend on Coach''s seat and I was so comfortable working with her. She just pushed me to look at all my areas of improvement & my beliefs which I was always running away from, and ensured I comfortably work on them and when I followed her, results are remarkable.

    I Thank her for truly becoming my Transformation Partner.

    Gurvinder Singh
    Gurvinder Singh Consultant for United Nations through Trigyn Technologies Ltd, Mumbai
  • Vandana has helped me a lot in my personal & professional life as her coaching sessions has helped me in growth of my start-up business. Also contributed to my organization growth by coaching my key team members.

    Sharad Gupta
    Sharad Gupta CEO - mPlace edVentures Pvt. Ltd. (www.10kya.com)

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