When an Executive Coach identifies his coachee isn’t in a right role in the organization

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Executive coaching has been beneficial to millions of businesses around the globe. A professional executive coach aims at developing different skills that helpan individual in the organizational framework to adapt to changes, tackle complex challenges, build sustainable teams and excel professionally within an organization. Executive coaching helps in getting a 360-degree feedback of current performance and improving by analyzing and improving gaps in performance, optimizing personal skills and preparing for bigger responsibilities.

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But, every now and then, every business and organization face the critical situation when a professional executive coach finds an executive in an organization is a misfit. He/she might not be in the right role that is hampering personal performance and making a department deviate from organizational goals.

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Being in a wrong role can frustrate an individual on a personal level while making a department/organization suffer in the short as well as the long term. A person can be deemed unfit for a specific role by an executive coach when he/she might be qualified on-paper, in terms of academic and professional qualifications, but not the best fit for the job he/she is doing because of political, personal or historical reasons. This makes him/her fail at a job time and again, making a manager lose faith in him/her and fire him when he/she can be a productive asset in a different role. But how should an organization handle and implement role change for an executive, efficiently?

Here we present some effective solutions and suggestions to handle such issues and keep the organization committed to achieving the goals.

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Moving the misfit executive to a completely different role within the organization

The quickest and most effective way to handle such an issue is to transfer the executive to a different role altogether. Sometimes, employees who work at a particular role are seen handling multiple tasks, negatively hampers their productivity. Owing to dynamic organizational structures and project-based work commitments, an executive might not be equipped to work on specific requirement but might be ideal to handle a completely different role maybe in planning or accounting for the same. A professional executive coach can help an organization by providing necessary training and mentorship that will help an executive in fitting somewhere in different cogs of the same organization- maybe a different department, division or a new office altogether.

Redefining existing role to accommodate an executive’s strengths better

It is understandable that an organization hiring an executive for a specific role do not want him to work on a different role. Also, there might not be requirements in other departments. It is when the management might consider redefining the current role of an executive. An executive coach can help in rethinking about the current scope of work of an executive focused on harnessing his/her strengths. This can help an organization in effectively using valuable human resources. Redefining the current role with the help of an executive coach is always preferable than hiring another person as it saves money and time spent in rehiring another asset.

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Redesigning the organizational chart to fit in promising talent

Owing to the dynamic business environment, technological shifts, political factors and other unavoidable circumstances, sometimes organizational charts develop strong limitations. It is essential for the top management to continuously monitor the external business environment and implement changes that can accommodate the existing talent in the organization to greater and different roles by juggling with an organizational chart. As a matter of fact, being a risky alternative, the same can help an organization take their efforts to the next level by aligning organizational goals, workforce’s talents and capabilities with dynamic opportunities and even lucrative suggestions. By infusing fresh talent in organizational charts, optimizing current talent to focused roles with the help of executive coaching and creating fulfilling professional relationships, an organization can benefit from the abundant talent pool within the organization itself.

Any organization can wade off the risks involved in implementing the above steps with the help of a professional executive coach. An executive coach effectively solves the problem of misfits in an organization and can help an organization in retaining and growing the interest of worthy human resource in core organizational goals. This makes an organization equipped with a passionate and goal-oriented team that uses its core talents to the maximum potential for business growth.

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