What Are Some Common Misconceptions About Coaching?

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There might be instances in our life as a professional wherein you might feel, “If I had known this, a silly mistake could have been avoided.”

To put it simply, coaching is something that comes in this very instance.

Coaching refers to a case in point when someone helps you learn and improve your performance. The learning process here is pretty indirect; as in the facilitator makes the person learn than teach him.

What Are Some Common Misconceptions About Coaching

Busting myth on misconceptions about Coaching

While there may be myths in almost every arena of professional field, it is almost self-explanatory to bust the myths around coaching; how people perceive coaching as and how people are willing to improve their performance on on-too-many fronts.

Some misconceptions are:

1. Coaching is very expensive

It rather is not. Coaching, when sought from the right organisation aims at benefitting you as the end user, with very nominal charges. Also, considering the improvements you show and gain profit, a nominal expense for gaining that skill is almost nails.

2. I don’t require coaching

This is probably the first sign that you do need coaching. Learning is a facet of life and does not stop anytime. To learn is to grow. Coaching will not only help you gain meaningful skills but also develop habits that you never knew would be of immense importance. An executive coach is trained to make your learn important values so as to improve your experience working as one.

3. Coaching is a time consuming process

Many people tout to the process of coaching as a time consuming one, something which takes up a major chunk of time and is useless.

Well, not really!

Honestly, coaching is an investment you make for yourself. The future gains will be immense, considering the qualities you are going to learn are going to be phenomenally usable and applicable.

4. I have been assigned a mentor- isn’t this the same thing?

No its not. Mentoring and coaching are two entirely different concepts. Mentoring is workplace & project specific and is usually spearheaded by a long-term employee. Coaching is a broader concept and makes you question your choices overall and deals with a generic note. For instance, business coaching deals with the whole industry and is not just limited to one aspect of it.

5. I’m in good place- coaching is for average performers

Lets suppose you are looking forward to lose weight. You are almost close to your goal but the damn last kilo doesn’t go away. What do you do? Consult a fitness expert.

Similarly, sure, you are going great at a nice speed; but at some point, stagnancy will hit your career and it would be difficult to get out of it.

So, as a preventive measure to avoid downfall, proper executive coaching or business coaching could let you have that out-of-the-box edge to get ahead of everyone- yes, even the top performers.

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    Erika Mohssen-Beyk

    Coaching is good for people who want to achieve something in life. A coach can see your potential and helps to grow and reach goals. By working with a coach, you can get a different view of your challenges and situation, which helps to improve not only business but the whole life. Most successful people have a coach, it is an investment in yourself.

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    David Crooks


    I completely agree with erika, coaching is for those people who want to achieve something in life. Coaching is a very selfless job i think, to give knowledge to others is always a good thing!!

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