The Science of Possibility

 In Executive Coaching

” A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success. “ Joyce Brothers

Saima, a 31-year-old professional, is a hard-working employee and was always a bright student in her academics. However, being in professional life for almost 8 years now, she seems quite unhappy with the trajectory of her career graph moving. She feels she is way behind many others who started their careers some 4-5 years back. While many of her friends have reached good levels and earning great, she is struggling to get good position and hike in salary for a year.

Over a few months of trying really hard without any success, she got depressed and just wouldn’t know what to do. This has further led Saima to surround herself with negativity. There was a shift in her behavior, responses to situations. Her rude and indifferent attitude became a reason for some heated arguments in her office to the point that she is not able to work efficiently. It was then her close friend introduced her to an executive coach.

Saima began her coaching engagement with her coach. During this journey, she became self-aware and realized that due to a few negative experiences, she had become someone who had a negative approach towards life, her future, and career that was obstructing her from getting success in life. Though she was hard working she would never keep herself updated of latest trends& tools related to her job. She would never work for honing her skills due to which she was being rejected in several interviews. There was a gap between who she is and who she has become. Her executive coaching helped her to bridge that gap, reconnected her with the authentic being that enabled her to look at possible possibilities in every area of her life.

Contrary to the above scenario, we have seen people who are not very sharp and intelligent but still, they are settled in good positions because they work on themselves. And most importantly, they are very positive people. No matter what happens in life, they don’t let negativity choke their happiness. These people are ready to walk the extra mile for success than to sit and sulk in corner of their rooms. So, it’s not just knowledge but our attitude which defines our journey in life.

There is another story of a professional man, who started off his career as just Sales Executive in a Bank. Though not very qualified, he had great interests in learning about the latest marketing trends and techniques. He would work on his grooming and knowledge from time to time. He had a very positive approach in whatever he did. Even at times when he was given odd jobs, he remained positive and worked with full dedication. After a year of experience in field and customer dealings, he became an expert in cracking good deals. And with time he grew and earned a good reputation in the market. Within a few years of working, he was offered the position of Team Head Sales & Marketing in an International luxury car company with income in 6 digits per month.

In both the above scenarios, Saima and Imaan were hardworking and ambitious but the results of their efforts were different. Saima despite being good in academics was lacking in a positive approach. She got disappointed with little failures which would impact her overall ability to think and act further. She had lost her core essence of being which blocked her horizon of looking at possibilities (way of being positive and an approach towards solutions). On the other hand, Imaan wasn’t well qualified but he had a wiliness to learn, change and remain positive in a diverse situation which helped him achieve success in his every endeavor. Just because he didn’t get influenced by external factors instead he stayed grounded and connected to himself.

The science of possibility works with positivity as it’s often said that nothing is impossible. But possibility comes with positivity and vice versa. Right approach and positivity can help us achieve every goal of our professional as well as personal lives. This is the reason that all students don’t become toppers and every professional doesn’t become CEO of the company.

So if you ever feel stuck in life, seek an executive coach who can help you to watch out your approach. Few of the key attributes like hard work, patience and positivity can change the game in your favor.

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