Makes the difference between a successful company & a failure ?

The origin is from Greek ‘Strategia’ = “generalship”; ‘Stratos’ = “army”; ‘agein’ = “to lead”

Strategy refers to the large scale plan for how to fight & win a war.

Strategy involves :

  • The Right Thing : Where should we focus our scarce resources ?
  • The Right Way : How should we focus our scarce resources ?

Strategy is the art of making the most intelligent choices – those that will help us use our limited resources to win the competition for value creation.

This, along with leadership effectiveness, is the most crucial element in business success

Strategy consulting is a living, breathing exercise, subject to continual change, yet it must be sufficient at any point to enable action. To develop a robust strategic plan and make strategy a success by driving its successful implementation, Chrrysallis, your preferred strategy consulting firm, applies a number of different tools.

Our Approach to Strategy Planning and Implementation

There are many approaches to strategy planning & strategy implementation and which one we would recommend depends on what our clients seek to learn. We use a unique approach towards understanding and providing strategic management services to our clients. Our Recommended approach at Chrrysallis includes –


Chrrysallis Strategy Consultant partners with you from strategy planning to implementation and attaining results.

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