How Performance Coaching Can Help to Improve Your Business Career?

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Have you ever been in a situation when you felt your efforts and dedication have been overlooked while evaluating your performance? This is a very common issue which most of us face in our career growth. Every year many of us meet huge disappointment during appraisal cycle when our KRAs (Key Result Area) do not meet the main KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). So, is it that every time one fails, it’s because that one is inefficient, unskilled or not talented? Well, it could be yes in some cases but not in all and if not all, then in which aspect one is lacking in achieving the expected outcome or result?

The performance is key factor of growth in whichever field you are. Though the parameters for measuring performance may differ in each field but the result or outcome can determine how well you have performed. So, all of us need to improve our performance in order to grow and excel in our respective fields. But don’t you think that most of us would be giving their best but still are not able to perform at par excellence. This is when Performance Coaching can help you to achieve the required goal without taking unnecessary pain.

#Importance of Performance Coaching

Every organization wants its employees to work hard to the fullest of their potential to achieve the organizational goals. If company is paying you certain amount as salary, in turn, it also wants to draw maximum benefit out of you for the profit and growth of the company. If the employee is not able to deliver good performance or meet the set criteria of the organization, they simply chuck one out.

Even during the time of promotions and appraisals, the employees who are performing as per the expectations of the company or above the expectations only receive promotions. Though everyone is putting efforts, working for same hours in same environment still only few are able to get recognized, while the efforts of other employees go in vain. So, how one can improve his performance and deliver the results beyond expectations?

Well, Performance Coaching can help every employee or individual who work hard but fail to perform as expected. The term Performance Coaching appears new, isn’t it? However, the process and motive of this coaching is like any other coaching where Coach works in close association with the Coachee to help him achieve the set target. In this case, the prime motive is increasing the performance level of an employee. This coaching aims to improve the efficiency of an individual so that he can perform to the best of his calibre and can easily achieve the targets and hence, meet the KPIs exceptionally well.

#Advantages of Performance Coaching

You must be thinking why one should undergo such type of coaching especially one like this if mere by good dedication and hard work the result can be achieved. I am glad to know if you are thinking so, however, let me tell you one thing. Practicing hard work and positive attitude is not easy. We know that ‘what’ needs to be done but ‘how’ you reach your goal is important. And this is why a performance coach is needed who can help and train an employee at different levels to get rid of all negativity and gradually develop positive attitude instead.

Below are some of the benefits that can be achieved through Performance Coaching:

  • Increases the productivity of an employee
  • Replace the negative thoughts of an employee with positive ones
  • Helps in realizing one’s potential and calibre
  • Helps in developing required job skills
  • Directs the focus of the employee towards the organizational goals
  • Helps in transforming an employee from source to resource

Other than the above mentioned, there are many other advantages and benefits one can draw from Performance Coaching which not only can help an individual in their professional lives but are equally beneficial in personal lives.

#How Performance Coaching Works?

The coach plays an important role in bringing a complete transformation into an individual so that he can improve his performance. The performance coach acts as a bridge between the individual and his success making the two come together.

Under the process of this coaching conversation, the coach asks several left and right brain questions to the coachee and notes them to understand the strengths and limitations of the coachee. Once he has all the required answers he makes a detail analysis of them to figure out the areas where the coachee needs urgent help, the areas where he can improve gradually and similar other classifications are made. After this the coach starts working with the individual to remove all his fears, negativity and bad impressions which are obstacles in his path to better performance and success. The coach helps the coachee in replacing the negative thoughts with the positive ones giving him a confidence boost. The coach help coachee become aware of all the strengths and resources they have in and around them and how they can begin to access them and move forward from where they currently are.

The coach also helps the coachee in developing much-needed job skills which are the demand of today’s work culture. The coaching helps in acquiring skills like Stress Management, Anger Management, People Handling Skills, Decision Making, Multitasking and others.

Once the coachee starts taking the coaching he can himself experience the gradual changes in himself which gives him more confidence to conquer what he aspires. And by the end of the coaching, the hard work and daily practice that coachee puts in starts yielding him smaller success. One can experience the change by himself and can feel more positivity towards career goals and life. This way the individual is now ready to perform to best of his capability and achieve everything he wants in his professional and personal life.

With changing work scenario and high competition, the need for performance coaching has become must. Especially for those who want to rise high in their professional careers and are working hard but still are not able to achieve or perform to best of their potential. If you too feel the same, it’s time to take the right step and go for performance coaching to experience the impossible.

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