Healthy Cells, Healthy Cultures

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Healthy Cells, Healthy Cultures

There is no better wealth than a healthy body and no better joy than the joy of the heart

The above saying stands true to time of any era. A healthy body has been regarded as the biggest and largest wealth one can possess. A healthy body is key to happiness and peace which even money cannot buy. Good health can lead to sound mind which in turn can create healthy atmosphere and culture at home and work.

To get a healthy body we need to have healthy cells who together create healthy tissues which then group to form healthy organs. Healthy organs together form healthy organ systems and healthy organ systems together form healthy body. A healthy body leads to healthy minds which has the ability to create positive surrounding and culture.

A positive mind is able to think positively and will create positive environment around him. Specially needed at our work place, healthy environment makes one productive and motivated towards accomplishment of organizational goals. Healthy office culture gives ample space to an executive to learn, grow and develop into an asset for the company. When there are lots of healthy people in the team and company, just imagine how positively powerful that organization is.

In contrary, now imagine a situation where in a person is unhealthy. Unhealthy person is prone to health issues which impacts his thinking ability. Hence, unhealthy person may not be able to think positively and therefore, may create negative surrounding. When there are lots of unhealthy people, it is for sure that they will definitely create an unhealthy culture. They may become complaining, egoist, unsatisfied, and jealous which impacts ones growth, development and also adversely affect the result of team work. Such organizations face issues in achieving organizational goals.

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Unhealthy Culture leads to Unhealthy Cells

We just discussed above, how an unhealthy cell can lead to unhealthy culture however, this entire process is also reversible. Even unhealthy cultures can lead to unhealthy cells. Now imagine an office scenario where, a new young employee has just joined. He is full of enthusiasm, motivation and energy. But the department he joined has all mid-aged negative and dissatisfied employees who are filled with frustration, jealousy and anger. Each of them plays foul politics and criticizes each other. Imagine the situation of the new employee now. How will he grow, develop and survive in such unhealthy environment? If he continues to work in this unhealthy culture, he will gradually adopt negative things and will start thinking negatively. Negative Mindset will further lead to unhealthy body and cells.

Measures to keep the Cell and Culture Healthy

Healthy Communication: One of the most important things one should follow is to have healthy communication within the organization, be it seniors or juniors. Healthy Communication can fill the gaps of all misunderstanding, confusion and make things transparent between individuals.

Being sensitive towards others aspirations and feelings: When a person is able to feel the happiness and pain of others, a lot will get changed within the organization. Each of us when tries to become more sensitive towards others, we are in situation to understand each other better. Hence, we can eliminate confusion, biasedness, and pre-notions. Hence, knowing and being sensitive towards each other can help to grow and develop personally as well as professionally.

Taking Regular Feedback: Every organization should thrive to create an environment where each employee can provide their feedbacks and suggestions in regard to office policies and process. This helps in gaining employees’ confidence and thus, create a healthy culture.

Open to adapt others views: One should not consider his own views and thoughts as superior and right. The other person’s opinion should also be addressed and together a conclusion should be drawn. One should be open to adapt to new ways of thinking.

These measures have proved to be very beneficial for creating healthy cell and culture. Every organization should aim to offer a healthy positive culture for its employees to grow and become efficient.

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