Corporate Coaching – A Tool to Reveal Your Inner Strength – Part 2

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Coaching isn’t just imparting knowledge, it is about enabling an individual find the potential within.

The Devika Mehta who walked out of that corporate coaching session was not entirely the same person who walked in the room that day.

Questions as basic as what makes her different from others in similar roles at her workplace made her dwell deep into her aspirations and talent.

Does she have a clear plan? A plan that is not just in her head, but also a part of an official document.

Is her team aware of the incentives that they could possibly get if they achieve the targets in a given time frame?

Does her team appreciate the hard work she puts in?

Does she have confidence in the work her team us?

Is there the required amount of transparency in the workforce?

Questions like these might sound basic to you as a reader. And a layman might pass it off as something childish. Which professional would not know about these things in their right mind, you might ask.

Unfortunately, the truth is that we are all aware of these things, but most of us fail to implement them on a day-to-day basis.

It’s something similar to school homework. We all know the importance of it, but most of us might not devote time to do it if the teacher won’t check it the next day.

The coach asked Devika, where does she herself with the project by the end of the month.

With all honesty, she mentioned her targets, but somewhere within, she was aware that not half of it would be achieved. Hence, she reworked the targets in a realistic way and promised herself to deliver the same or a bit extra in the given amount of time.

She was aware that the follow-up session would be about discussing the progress. Devika had a point to prove.

A corporate incentive always helps, but the drive has to come from within. It’s not always about proving things to others, it is about whether you can look in the mirror and tell yourself that you gave your best. That you faced the challenges like a boss and took the opportunities that came your way.

It is whether you were able to push the boundaries and set an example for those who follow you and those who you follow. It is about inculcating confidence in the weakest link of your team and making him or her feel a part of the process.

It is about these and many other things.

And it’s certainly not just about knowing things, it’s about implementing them.

When she walked out of the session, Devika had a fresh resolve, a reformed will and sudden burst of confidence evident on her face.

Devika was not the same person who walked into that room.

Watch this space every Tuesday to read more true stories of how corporate coaching has helped our clients evolve.

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