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Once in the history, Business Coach was reticence solely for executives whose organization falls in thousands of dollars per hour business to train their executives becoming leader. But now, history has changed business coaches have propagated to small enterprise or mid-size business to train their professionals in becoming leaders in their industry and take their business to the next level.

While in midst of lots of competition in the market, being an entrepreneur, you do think to improve your leadership skills or intrigued by the idea of hiring a business coach before you give up the challenges. A business coach is a consultant who helps you to identify yourself, build focus and draw out your strategies and solutions that are best for you. Today, professionals have realized that to reach their dream role, they have to continually work on their business.

The confident to compensate with the weakness and emphasize your strength is better known by business coach India. But, before you think to hire a coach, it is important to first get yourself answered the following questions by your coach that will determine the right coach for you.

Here are 10 important questions you should ask to your Business Coach:

1. What Certifications do you have?

It is not mandatory to have a certificate or required by law, but a person who has spent their time and money to become a professional/licensed coach by going through the certification program and spent hundreds of hours to practice coaching tells how serious they are in their profession. It’s a good sign to determine their extreme level of dedication and devotion towards doing the profession they have chosen. This also gives a fair idea about the depth of knowledge and skill your coach possesses in the art and science of coaching.

2. What business coaching experience do you have?

Since, you have been looking for someone who can coach you correctly, understand your ideas, business, skills, knowledge, strengths, areas of improvement and blind spots, ultimately handheld you in finding your own answers to all your great questions whenever you are stuck somewhere, your coach widens your horizon of possibilities, helps in understanding your potential to bring our best outcome, challenge you to attempt to use your greatness. In this case, you will need a business coach Mumbai who could both coach and mentor you at the same time.

3. Would you like to coach me?

This is the most important question of making a decision while hiring your coach. There must be meeting done to build chemistry between coach and coachee/client. Unless there is a trust and confidence bridge built between the two, no coaching can derive successful and sustainable outcomes.

4. How long you have been coaching?

It’s most common, yet an important question to know the coach is knowledgeable and experienced or not. You need to inquire how long they have been in the coaching, what have driven them to be a coach, how many coaching they have provided till now or where they have gained knowledge while coaching or not.

5. What coaching success you have achieved?

If a coach is not sure about this answer means that they are the one who are now enjoying their client’s success, instead they can’t do anything, so coaches. In either way asking this question will help you in measuring their success metric which itself suggest whether you approached a right coach or not.

6. Who is your coach?

A coach must have their coach who helps them in improving their skills and determine their blind spots. If your coach does not have their own coach, then they will not be able to work for you. Every coach understands that they also need a mentor like other business professionals to extend their accountability.

7. What is your coaching process like? Does it help to prevent me from moving back to old habits?

Every business coach must be able to talk about their process in detail. If they are competent enough and have dealt with different projects resulting in different outcomes that has helped their client. Every coach follows an own process, like working on an hourly basis, weekly, biweekly or monthly.

Think back when you have certain plans for your goal, you have stumbled out with a great idea. Regardless of what idea you have got and what action you took to accomplish your goal, you realized it is not met or partially met. In such case, a trained and professional Business Coach would coach you to create strategies with measurable action steps to implement them and bring the awareness to you and that’s what consequences you might face that become your habit.

8. What kind of coaching did you give to your client?

The term “Coaching” has its history rooted around the practices of leadership, linguistics, psychology and several other disciplines. A business coach isn’t a person who tells you what you should do, instead they are one who helps you understand your goal, beliefs, behaviors, strengths and weaknesses, develop possibilities and helps you in creating your own action steps to achieve your goals.

9. How you regularly sharp your skills?

This is another important question which tells you whether the coach will be able to help you or not. A coach if not involved in personal and professional development of own would never be helpful in doing it for you.

10. Which industry you have been expertly in?

Regardless of your organization works in the retail or IT industry, your coach need not to be an industry specific expert, but must have coaching skill excellence to meet all industry standards.

Before interviewing a coach, it is important that you do your homework ahead. By asking several questions with your coach you will get a fair idea who can work best for you. Always remember, you both have to interview with each other, have a meeting to build chemistry should be done to get the right solution. You need a coach that brings you out from your comfort zone, challenges you so that you can understand your potential, sharp your skills and works best to achieve your business goal. Your business will get guaranteed measurable results from hiring the right business coach.

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