Radhika Mehta has a Master degree in Computer Science and has worked in the field of IT for over a decade. Having had an experience in corporate world, she felt compelled to follow her passion of helping out people in need of guidance.

    Radhika’s expertise lies in providing you with a “helicopter vision” for every situation, which allows you to view things from afar. Her goal is to shed new light on tough situations and act as a sounding board in making some difficult decisions. Her style of coaching involves many factors like Accountability, Expertise, Delivery and Speed.

    Her strength lies in helping you set and attain your goals, assist you in planning and balancing your work life and personal life, helping you work through your fears and limitations, assist you in gaining financial independence and security.

    Radhika makes sure you’re confidently equipped to make critical decisions and have the strategies for success figured out. Her professional yet gentle approach helps you break through the Glass ceiling.
    As the International Coach Federation (ICF) puts it, people hire a coach because they want more, they want to grow and they want it easier.

    -Take Focused, Effective and Confident Actions Immediately.
    -Create Momentum to Get Results Easier.
    -Set Higher Goals Based on Your Interests.
    Let her help you master craft your life from good to great!

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