Kim T. Zalepa – Upon graduating with her Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, Kim worked for the US Department of Defense for more than 10 years as an Mechanical Engineer. After raising two children, she returned for an additional later 3 years as a Systems Engineer. She returned with resolve, enthusiasm, and a vision to create movement and change where the energy in this workplace was stuck. This resulted in increased productivity and output of several existing and new projects within the department.

    As a natural student, teacher, and lover of learning, she has taken courses in the arts and has earned a Master’s degree in Educational Technology and holds a US License to teach K-12 Mathematics. Her lifelong curiosity and interests in higher education, arts, science, growth, and personal development, have propelled her to continue her studies of the physics and nature of the human psyche and mind. Knowledge must be stirred and brought to life in others in order to be of value. These studies naturally led her into the Coaching field. As a Professional Certified Coach thru the ICF certified Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), Kim passionately shares her gifts and intuition for tapping into the unlimited potential within each and every human being. Wanting to create bigger impacts, she went on to study excellence further and is certified in both Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy.

    Kim has followed this passion for possibilities and continues to strive to question limitations and to broaden the minds around her. Her goal is to always be an inspiration to others. Her motivation is to help tap into the well-spring within each client. Kim connects with clients at a very deep, flexible, and pure level, allowing for profound transformation to occur.

    New and better outcomes require a shift in limiting, outdated, mindsets at the subconscious level of mind. With her clients and teams, Kim not only taps into this deeper level of mind efficiently to assist in redefining what is possible, she facilitates outcomes that reach the highest and best potential of each person with whom she works.

    “Everything is in motion, vibrating at the subtler levels.  So it holds that change is inevitable and the only constant in life is change.

    If you embrace change with excitement and wonder and CHOOSE to release the familiar-

    the world opens at your feet.

    Change is inevitable- Do it with purpose and imagination.” ~k.zalepa

    NLP Practitioner / Clinical Hypnotherapist

    Certified Professional Coach (iPEC)

    Energy Leadership Index – Master Practitioner

    Master’s in Educational Technology

    BSME Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

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